Vince Fong response to protests

Excerpted from 23 ABC News Bakersfield

June 01, 2020

By Ashley Valenzuela

Vince Fong, represents the 34th Assembly District in Sacramento, for Kern County and the Central Valley.

He offers his response to nationwide protests in honor of George Floyd’s death, a black man murdered by police a week ago.

Fong issued the following statement:

Like many, I’m struggling to come up with the words to adequately express the emotions stemming from what is transpiring in our society. And it may not be possible. Emotions ranging from anger, frustration, helplessness, and sadness.

Our community and our society is hurting right now. What happened to George Floyd is horrific and unacceptable, and we must pursue justice. And no one in our country should live in fear. But violence only leads to hurt and heartbreak, and it is not the solution.

Our efforts to promote tolerance, respect, and love must be a continued commitment. Something that must be done daily, shown daily, and experienced daily centered on the very fact that every person has value and worth.

I pray for healing, understanding, and grace as we search within our hearts to bring together our community, our state, and our nation.