Gas Tax Increases Friday without Action from Sacramento Democrats in State’s Largest Budget

June 29, 2022

The Assembly held an unusual evening session to vote on the state’s largest budget – $300 billion. Vice Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee Vince Fong (R-Kern County) issued the following statement:

“In two days, the state’s gas tax is going up. Many Californians whose family budgets have been crushed by rising gas prices will be in shock and disbelief. And they will rightfully be upset.

“The Governor and the Legislature could have suspended the state’s gas tax and stopped this. But by choice, the ruling party in Sacramento is choosing not to do so. The result will be more rising costs on practically everything.

“With gas prices hovering around $6.50 per gallon, we need a stable and affordable energy supply – a goal this budget fails to address. Policies coming from this Administration is stifling domestic production, increasing our dependence on foreign oil. And now with oil supply uncertainties in Ecuador – what happens to gas prices if there is a 25% shortage and no refinery capacity? And what do you think happens when state government imposes more taxes, fees and mandates on gasoline supply and production?

“Some will simply tout the amounts of money that will be spent – while the reality is that the crises will worsen because of the lack of oversight and the unsustainability of this framework.

“Californians are demanding more transparency and accountability while Sacramento continues to operate in secret.

“We need to focus on the basics and achieve measurable results.”