Legislation Year 2021

AJR 6 Stock markets: Robinhood, Inc.

AJR 6 urges the Congress of the United States to investigate the actions taken by Robinhood, Inc. with respect to restricting trade of specific stocks and would also urge the President of the United States to advance the cause of…

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ACR 124 National Passenger Safety Week.

ACR 124 encourages passengers to intervene when a driver may be drunk, drugged, or otherwise distracted. Car crashes caused by intoxicated or otherwise distracted drivers can be prevented if a passenger or driver speaks up to intervene and hopefully save…

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ACR 60 BeeWhere Month.

ACR 60 calls attention to the importance of bees to our prolific California economy, and the vital role pesticide applicators play in maintaining a healthy bee population. Chaptered. Click here to learn more

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