Press Releases

May 12
Shannon Grove challenges union’s claim it’s “totally open and transparent” | 05/12/2016
SACRAMENTO – Last week, a SEIU Local 1000 lobbyist testified before state legislators that his union was actually “totally open and transparent” with its members on how union dues are spent...
Apr 21
Grove’s amended “In God We Trust” specialty license plate receives approval to move forward | 04/21/2016
SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Shannon Grove’s amended bill to create an “In God We Trust” specialty license plate received unanimous support from the Assembly Transportation and Judiciary...

In The News

May 24
Brown’s bullet train, voter rolls, and Shannon Grove’s discovery | 05/24/2016
The California voter registration “surge” is more of a ripple. Day care, mental health care, and Bernie Sanders weigh on our minds. And Assemblywoman Shannon Grove finds a case that doesn’t reflect...
May 09
Transparency: California Dems Halt Effort to Make Unions Disclose How Money Is Spent | 05/09/2016
California’s public employee unions used their muscle this week to fight back a legislative bid to open their books, killing in committee a bill that would force them to post online how dues are...


May 04
Press Conference on Grove's Union Transparency and Choice Bills | 05/04/2016

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove introduced legislation to address the frustrations of disenfranchised public union workers who came to her seeking help to make unions more accountable to their members...

Mar 14
Shannon Grove interviews the 34th Assembly District Woman of the Year, Diana Cisneros | 03/14/2016

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove honored Diana Cisneros as the 2016 Woman of the Year for the 34th Assembly District during a special ceremony at the State Capitol for her efforts to stop human...