Press Releases

Nov 23
Shannon Grove hosts town hall to discuss water, transportation, and the high speed rail project | 11/23/2015
SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Shannon Grove will host a town hall in Bakersfield Monday evening, November 30, to discuss California’s critical water situation and its impact locally, our state...
Nov 18
Shannon Grove speaks out regarding Paris ISIS attack and Obama’s plans to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees | 11/18/2015
SACRAMENTO – Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) released the following statement regarding the recent ISIS terrorist attacks in France and the prospect of the United States...

In The News

Nov 11
Man denied 'No ISIS' license plates by Bakersfield DMV; Assemblywoman Shannon Grove gets plates | 11/11/2015
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A rallying cry from the mouths of politicians across the country: stop ISIS. Exactly the message one Bakersfield man tried to exemplify by ordering a license plate which said...
Nov 08
High-speed rail agency declines further response to Grove's allegations | 11/08/2015
"These open house meetings give the illusion of transparency to the public, but in truth the High-Speed Rail Authority operates behind closed doors to hide the dramatic cost overruns," said Grove,...


Sep 02
Shannon Grove questions Covered California's policy of no-bid contracts | 09/02/2015

Did you know that the Legislature exempts Covered California (this state’s version of Obamacare) from the normal competitive bidding process and oversight requirement that are standard practice...

Aug 31
Shannon Grove speaks about plan to fund road repair | 08/31/2015

Assemblywoman Shannon Grove joins other Assembly Republican members at a Capitol press conference to tell the Governor and the Democrat leadership they have enough money to fix our roads...